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About Purple Prison

Purple Prison is one of the most popular Minecraft game servers in the world. Released in August of 2014, Purple Prison has accumulated over 3 million unique joins. The game server is only available to play on the Java (Computer) Edition of Minecraft.

Purple Prison offers players an elevated "Prison" game mode experience on Minecraft.

Essentially, in a Minecraft prison server, players are placed in a prison and must work their way through the ranks to earn privileges and eventually escape. There is a ranking system in place, with players starting at the lowest rank and working their way up through the ranks by completing tasks or earning money. As players progress through the ranks, they may gain access to new areas of the prison, new items and resources, and additional privileges.

Players are able to earn money by completing tasks or selling items to other players. This money can then be used to purchase items or privileges from the server's virtual shop. There are also a variety of available mini-games and activities available for players to participate in, such as parkour courses, pvp (Player vs. Player) arenas, and much more!