IGN: Vapone
Age: I happen to be the age of 16.
Mine Rank:I'm Currently at S rank while writing this.
Donor Rank:Currently Bedrock
Ban/Mute History:Nope I'm clean as far as bans or mutes.
Do you have Skype:I sure do!
Do you have discord:Yup I have a discord as well!

As far as minecraft servers go I never really had a staff team position I'd say the only thing that really came close to that is what I currently do on discord where I manage a few RP groups and this other group which as of now has 2,058 people! But yeah as far as that goes that basically all the experience I have as of right now.
What can you contribute:
From what I see on the server I noticed there is many great mods and helpers who do a lot of great work, But I believe I can help just as many as those people can. I'm able and good at management and what that included was helping out lots of people so I'm able to multi-task and help multiple people at once, fill out and reply to forums, And actively play a screen Bless double monitors. And as a final footnote to this section I'm able to not hold grudges or let past things that happen go, Meaning I can fairly help people equally and not deny them anything.
How have you helped us so far:
I'd say the main way I've helped the server so far was communicate with the new players and even play with a few other people who were feeling attacked on the server. I'm going to start with the new players, It's very common for new players to join the server and ask questions and that's perfectly fine so If I answer before other people do I give them the help they need. I also gave new players a little boosted start by giving items and money to these individuals but try not to make a big deal and even hide the fact that it was me who did so. The other people who fell attacked or probably feel attacked by how they are treated because of their mistakes are very kind individuals so I try and talk and play with them, Some aren't so open to these ideas and replied with profanities and others actually offered to help me as well. So the main way I helped out the server was trying to get in touch with all different kinds of people and help and play with them, Which I realize isn't the most impressive thing I could do but I feel like it does help, At least a little.
Some of the things in this list may seem a little familiar because I think listing them hear may make them more apparent, Also the one I already mentioned before won't be described.
-I have management skills.
-I can pass judgement without bias opinion.
-I'm relatively good at math getting straight A's on my tests. I dunno if this well help all that much except where numbers are directly involved but I feel like it's a pretty good strength all in all.
-I have a good schedule meaning I'm able to set up times to play on the server.

-I have a learning deficiency so it's hard for me to catch onto certain things.
-I do get nervous while talking in groups of people, So talking on call is a little difficult for me.

What you think being staff is about:
Being a staff is usually contributing and doing a good job, But for a minecraft server it's all about making people have a good and fun experience. But giving them an experience is not all a good staff should do, they should give you attention and help you out as much as possible and moderators should give help as well as do the tasks they are given. They are almost as important as all the people on the server and many look up to them and as a staff they should preform well and not give bad impression.
Why would you like to become staff:
I would like to become staff because I took a break from most of the things I do as I was having a few problems. But now I have a lot of free time and I wanted to fill it with something like what I did before, But not exactly like what I did before because I want more experiences that I can be happy about.
I'm usually available at 12am-3am EST weekdays, and on weekends I get on every now and then.
Anything else:
There isn't much else that I wanted to share on the application.

Do you have any recommendations:
My only recommendation would be that a more complex shop, Maybe less advertising as well.
I don't have any real concerns except for the handling of hackers and responses from staff on the forums.
I feel like my only questions are in the concerns section.