Age ( Minimum 14) :15
Mine Rank:Q
Donor Rank:none
Timezone:3:52 pm
Ban/Mute History:0 bans 0 mutes
Do you have Skype ( Required ):yes
Do you have discord?:no
Experience:i havent got alot of experiance of being staff but i watch doni bobes on yt and iv figured out how to do it my self with my friends to practise on a solo/multi server
What can you contribute:my skill on Finding hackers and knowing when to give someone a warning for spam or swearing /if warning ignored mute then for 5-10-20 mins
What you think being staff is about:It's About being there to modarte the chat and see if anyones cheating/hacking
Why would you like to become staff:i want to be staff because it seems fun and this is the first time iv enjoyed playing a minecraft prison server
Availability:around 2-4 hours a day