Age ( Minimum 14) : 14
Mine Rank:O
Donor Rank:None
Ban/Mute History:None
Do you have Skype ( Required ): Yes
Do you have discord?
Yes, Vader#0191
Experience: I've been playing Minecraft for 5 years and have experience staffing on various small servers, none of which are active anymore. However there is always room to improve and I would be willing to try new things.

What can you contribute: I can help make this server a friendlier place, a more helpful place, and a safer place. I will respect staff and players and help everyone I can.

How have you helped us so far: I used to play this server exclusively some while ago, I got to rank Z and wouldn't stop playing, I always tried to help new players that didn't know what they were doing and was respectful to staff, however I gave that account to my younger brother and my older brother gave me his (I know it's confusing)

Strengths: Respectful(I respect staff and other players)- Kind(I'm kind and hate violence)

Weaknesses: Temper( I get ticked off easily)- Shy(I'm fine when talking using chat but over discord or another voice communicating app I tend to refrain from talking)

What you think being staff is about: I think being staff is about taking care of hackers and helping the community and last but not least, respecting each other. I think we should all have respect for each other
Why would you like to become staff: I would like to become staff to help this server, to make it grow and flourish into a fun and great server that everyone would enjoy playing on.

Availability: Weekdays 3-8pm and sometimes weekends

Anything else: I hope you consider me as a candidate for your server staff, even if I am not accepted I will continue to play on this server and hope to spread kindness.

Do you have any recommendations: