Age ( Minimum 14) : 14
Mine Rank: S
Donor Rank: [purplegod]
Timezone: US Central Time
Ban/Mute History: None
Do you have Skype ( Required ): Yes, but I have never used it
Do you have discord? Yes (MEW NUMBA TWO#7031)

Experience: I own a small Private Server where we test commands, functions, etc.
What can you contribute: Help with hackers, trollers, griefers, etc.
How have you helped us so far: Donating, answering other user's questions.
Strengths: Knows hacks when I see them
Weaknesses: Slightly Below-Average Cooperation
What you think being staff is about: Helping the server, the players, and each other
Why would you like to become staff: I have never been staff on a Minecraft server before (besides my own) and I want to see what its like to try to have to cooperate with other staff to make my favorite server a better place for everyone.
Availability: Weekends: 9 am - 6 pm Weekdays: 3 pm - 7 pm
Anything else: No thank you.

Do you have any recommendations: There is a player with the IGN "___DemonZ___" who I think would also be a splendid member of the staff. (Discord is ___DemonZ___#0456)
Concerns/Comments: None
Questions: None