IGN: Husky_Popcorn
Age ( Minimum 14) : 16
Mine Rank:Z
Donor Rank:Diamond
Timezone: Usa ig
Ban/Mute History:Never been banned or mutes
Do you have Skype ( Required ): I have skype
Do you have discord?Also have discord

Experience:I have been a helper,mod on many servers
What can you contribute:I can help bye making the server safer, for the people \.
How have you helped us so far: I have bought from the store, and i helped out other players
Strengths: I am good with keeping servers safe, and helping out people
Weaknesses: Not that good of a builder
What you think being staff is about: Being a staff is about taking care of the members and answering there questions when they have them.
Why would you like to become staff: I want to be a staff because, it would be fun to help out more people then i already do. I also want to be apart of it because it would be something to look forward to when i get on minecraft
Availability: Most everyday unless i am out with the family.
Anything else: I really hope you enjoyed it.

Do you have any recommendations: