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Hi everyone, as some of you are asking how to obtain the advertiser achievement in game I decided to make the post explaining how to do so. The process is very simple and will take around 1-5 minutes depending on your internet speed, it took me around 2 minutes to upload the trailer personally.

All you need to do for this achievement is upload the server trailer to your youtube channel with the title "MINECRAFT SERVER NEED STAFF PURPLE PRISON TRAILER! [1.12 - 1.8] OP PRISON NEED STAFF!!!"

(clickbait i know, this is the point!)

The description for the video must be:

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/PurplePrison


(It is crucial to put your in game name at the bottom of the description so we can verify it is you who uploaded the trailer!)

Here is an example of one trailer that would qualify for the achievement i uploaded earlier!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuB-0KneetQ&feature=youtu.be

The download for the trailer can be found here (takes about 30 seconds to download): https://mega.nz/#!t551yaQJ!R6sSmgudn7j0yzdzKSiH2OKNaB3tQjeHIPK-cLNxmNc

After you have uploaded the trailer in the correct manner please post a link below and you will be given the achievement in game!

Lady_Unis Lady_Unis Video Link: https://youtu.be/B12VSSaAmrU Thank you &lt;3 :)
SandStorm61 ( put this in the desc but this might be easier to do, my mc name is SandStorm61 ) https://youtu.be/d-PA5Dr-kn8 an...
ursocute https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ja_F2IQ5FAg

Reset Post:

Sackboiii aOwner posted Aug 4, 17

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well. As you have all hopefully noticed, the server has been reset! There are a couple things I would like to address in this post, I will start by announcing the new features we have added: 

  • explosive pickaxes
  • God piece crate
  • new custom item creation (God piece crate loot)
  • achievements system
  • trails plugin (linked to achievements system)
  • brand new /warp info
  • 1.8 pvp mechanics
  • increased plot sizes
  • rankup rewards at certain ranks
  • changed rankup crate system (to make purple and voter crate more special)
  • added a welcoming system
  • new highly demanded items in shop
  • new tags added to the store

Here is a more cinematic version of what i just posted: 

Also I would like to take this time to address the issue of lag and disconnection on the server, this is down to us changes providers for part of our server setup. We are looking into fixing this and should have it sorted within the upcoming days if not the night of this post.

I would also like to make it known that you should follow the server twitter we are going to start using it more hopefully: https://twitter.com/purpleprison?lang=en

Thanks guys, also i will also tonight make a post on how you can get the achievement "Advertiser" which requires you to post the server trailer to your own youtube channel!

SeanTheMan34 If the server were to get reset again, would i keep my ranks?

New Year Reset!

Sackboiii aOwner posted Dec 30, 16

Hi everyone.

As you know it is pretty much the end of 2016, we have had such a successful year; with so much to celebrate. With the new year, so many things in the world will change, politically and to much smaller scale, this leads onto us specifically as would like to also see a change in the way we run the server. This is why I am announcing a reset for the 2017 year ahead. The reset will take place today, with so many new things added and improved. The staff team and I have poured our soul into this new reset which has been demanded by so many players. Honestly, I think this is going to be the best reset we have ever had, we have listened to so many suggestions, fixed and improved so many things. You will see this when you step onto the server and play for yourself but for sake of listing, here is a quick list of changes/ improvements:

- Improved Combat log system

- Spawn brought back and revamped due to player demand (with bridges)

- Insane, brand new custom pvp map (/warp pvp)

- Website portal makeover

- Leaderboard at spawn

- Crates improved with warp crates improvement

- New warp menu system

- New donator rewards and complete revamp of buycraft perks and pricing

- Updated to 1.11 (older versions still work)

- New donator information room

- Mines completely reverted to before (player demand)

- Improved help for newer players and /rules adjustment

- Shop revamp with added items

- Plugin efficiency improved. Server will lag a lot less now.

- Redesigned plotworld (removed ugly bridges)

- New server artwork

- Removed cosmetics (no one really liked them)

- Lots of general fixes for broken things on the server before.

As you can see in this reset we really wanted to go for a more quality approach, we wanted to improve the experience for all of our players and not just add random stuff that will make the server more complex. I really hope you guys appreciate this reset and I look forward to seeing you guys online!

TikiPlayz hello hello I need a staff member
nate I lost a plot mine


Sackboiii aOwner posted Sep 18, 16

Hey everyone, as you might be able to see from logging into the server, we have reset! We did announce this reset in advance and there was hype for this reset! Now that this reset is finally out however, it is time to talk a little bit about it!

What have we changed?

- Mines have changed, we have changed about 80% of the mines as you will be able to tell by making your way through the server!

- Donation ranks and the whole store (buy.purpleprison.net) has completely changed! We no longer offer alot of things we used to due to having to comply with the EULA by law! However we have so many new cool things instead that personally we think we are giving even better deals now! We have pets, disguises, tags, gadgets and so much more that has just been added! To check what you have for your rank visit our store and take a look or type /buy in game! The main commands however are, /pets, /disguises, /cosmetics, /tags and /trails. We also now have a donator warp which you can access via /donator!

- Many community requests have been taken into account too, like the voting messages, they will ALL now be disabled when you have voted on all 3 links and are far less frequent for donators! 

Thanks guys for reading this quick update, leave any questions below, and see you on the server!

ILikeNaziKids I'm new to forums. I need help to find out how to create a post/report. I was a loyal member of this server a year ...
HennyAndHoes Bro, the server reset is not hype. AT ALL.

Hi everyone, Sackboiii here, i just need to inform everybody that to connect to the server you will need to use the alternate IP which is "PURPLEPRISON.COM" instead of "PURPLEPRISON.NET", we are fixing a few things on the "PURPLEPRISON.NET" IP but this will not affect any of you at all in the slightest so don't worry about this at all! Just make sure to spread the word as much as you can that our new ip for the next few days is "PURPLEPRISON.COM", you can use "PURPLEPRISON.COM" to connect to the server even when "PURPLEPRISON.NET" is working and vice versa :).

Again, new ip is purpleprison.com for next few days, please spread the word, thanks!

- Sackboiii