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Official In-Game Rules

● Do not use any sort of modifications / clients which will give you an advantage over others. If a staff member suspects you might be cheating they're allowed to screenshare you. Find what clients and mods you can and can't use here.

Do not use macros of any kind.

Any sort of sexism, racism, homophobia or any other profanity will not be tolerated. We're here to have fun, not fight.

Do not advertise Minecraft communities or servers which are not related to Purple Prison.

Do not Flood the chat (Ex. Saying "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa").

No suicidal encouragement (Ex. Saying "Kys").

Do not encourage players to break any of our rules.

Do not use inappropriate skins or in-game names.

Do not post unknown / unsafe links in the public chat or someone's private messages.

Do not threaten to DDoS / Dox any player, even as a joke.

Do not ban evade. Once you're banned, wait for your ban to expire or appeal. Do NOT play on an alt or different account. This is not allowed.

Do not knowingly associate or team with hackers. If a player seems to be cheating, use /report in-game.

No mute evading. Same thing goes for mute evasion, do not play on a different account once you're muted.

Be respectful towards everyone.

In-game scamming is allowed, however, scamming in-game items for real life money is strictly forbidden.

Do not scam players using plot shops or hidden shop signs on plots, in any way.

Trades or "deals" with other players that include PayPal, other server items, and any other versions of real money are not allowed (Ex. "Selling Omega Axes for Paypal" or "Selling Omega Axes for Minecraft Alts"). Deals in exchange for items on our server store, however, are allowed.

Exploiting and duping items is not allowed. If you find a bug, report it immediately to our staff. Do not use it for your own sake, nothing good will come out of that.

Swearing is allowed, however, excessive profanity is not allowed. Keep it cool!

No solicitation. This isn't a marketing place. (Ex. "Selling Minecraft Alts, PM me!")