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Purple Prison Store Terms of Service

All purchases are final, and there are no refunds for any reason.

All purchases are donations to the server and should be treated as such.

Transfers of purchases to other accounts after purchasing is not offered.

If you purchase anything from our store, you are still in no way, above the rules.

If you have any problems with any of these terms, please do not make any purchases.

If you are not an adult, please ask for an adults permission before purchasing anything on our store.

Crates, crate keys, and tags, in the event of a server reset (server wipe) will not be returned to the user.

We, as the Purple Prison management team, reserve the right to make any changes we feel appropriate to any packages at any point.

We are not responsible for your actions with your purchased in-game items, and we do not offer purchase protection for lost or mishandled items.

If you attempt to perform a chargeback, or successfully chargeback, you will be IP banned from ever purchasing on our store, and you will also be IP banned from our server.

No services rendered by us are eligible for a refund. Any and all charge disputes must be reported directly to our management team within thirty (30) days of the date which the charge originally occurred.

This page was last modified on: August 3rd, 2022