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Welcome to our new website!
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Welcome to our new website!

Over the past few months we've been gathering ideas and working on building this new website, (no more cluttered, and lets be honest, outdated forums style), in order to find the best design for repurposing the usage of our website, and make it easier for you guys to navigate!

There's six tabs...

Home - which displays any posts and announcements we make on there. (press sign up in the bottom right to be notified when we post)

Play - which gives you step-by-step instructions on how to join the server.

Suggestions - where our new suggestions will take place, with an easy interface for upvoting/downvoting.

Ban Appeal - where you can easily appeal any punishment, embedded directly into our website!

Staff Application - where you can easily apply for our staff team, again, directly embedded into our website.

Store - A direct link to donate to our server store, for awesome in-game perks!

All-in-all, this is our new home and replacement for the old forum-based website we had, including ban appeals, staff applications, and even suggestions.