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The 2023 Purple Prison Reset is Here
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The 2023 Purple Prison Reset is Here

We're excited to welcome you to a brand new Purple Prison like you've never seen before! With refreshed worlds and maps, as well as brand new and rebalanced features, we've ensured you will have the best prison experience here.

Read below the list of changes and features that are now available:

    • Completely re-designed spawn with a centralized area for PvP, scheduled server events, and other important server features.

    • Plots now have 47 x 47 blocks of buildable space, which is a 16 block increase on each side compared to the previous plot sizes.
    • PurpleGOD rank holders now have access to merge up to 4 plots together at once.

    • Crates have been completely revamped in order to balance rewards more logistically; crates also include new and never seen before prizes.
    • Vote rewards have been improved to provide tier based prizes for reaching certain minimums of votes per month, as well as consistent rewards for each vote link, and even new and exclusive vote party rewards.
    • 60 new prestige ranks have been added, for a total of 100 prestige ranks available to reach. Rewards improve as the prestige level increases, including a new max 35x prestige multiplier.
    • Regularly scheduled server events such as KOTH, supply drop, and PvP mines have all been improved to include rebalanced and improved rewards!

    • All sellable block prices have been reworked in order to make more logistical sense.
    • Rank and prestige costs have been reworked, which also makes ranks slightly more challenging to reach.

    • A new /effects menu has been added in order to centralize a place for an improved existing feature, walking trails, as well as the place for two brand new features: death sounds and death effects.
    • Walking trails have been expanded and enhanced to offer new options including a variety of colors for some particle types, as well as new particles types.
    • Death sounds provide players with the ability to play a sound where they died after being killed by another player.
    • Death effects allow players to flash a particle effect where they died after being killed by another player.

    • All armor now functionally changes based on its unbreaking enchantment level, meaning using armor with a higher or lower unbreaking level affects the speed at which your armor breaks. However, all armor now has the same protection enchantment level to balance the playing field for new players.

    • Upgrade your pickaxe fortune or even apply one of our custom OP enchants by enchanting your pickaxe using /enchant

    • Reach brand new milestones by working to gain new achievements available in /achievements
    • View other players current achievement statuses using /achievements <player>

    • Collect daily rewards and maintain collection streaks to improve prizes using /rewards

  • ... AND MUCH MORE!
    • New sumo style free-for-all event for players to participate in using /sumoffa
    • New teleportation permissions for PurpleGOD rank holders using /tpa <player> & /tpahere <player> within the plot world.
    • New combat logging and loot protection system.
    • New tracked items at /warp wallstreet
    • New parkour, dropper, and maze event maps.
    • New toggleable server message settings within /settings
    • New trackable player stats within /leaderboards
    • New ease of access commands for PurpleGOD rank holders including: /repairall and /disposal
    • New plot-mine size of 20 x 20.
    • New gang levels to allow for more members and new gang chat tag appearances using /gang levels and /gang levelup