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Purple Prison 2023 Server Reset
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Purple Prison 2023 Server Reset

šŸ”® Welcome to a groundbreaking moment in Purple Prison history! Get ready to dive into a refreshed and revitalized world on our beloved server.

šŸŒŒ Server Reset Details:

Server IP:
Supported Versions: All versions of Minecraft Java Edition
Grand Opening: Saturday, 16th of December at 6 PM GMT

šŸš€ Join us as we unveil new features, optimizations, and exciting surprises that have been in the works!

šŸ’» For the Full Changelog:
Curious about every detail of what's new? Dive into our comprehensive changelog to discover all the updates and improvements. Join our Discord community at discord.gg/pp and navigate to the #reset-changelog channel.

šŸ“ NOTE: Ban Appeals and Wipes
We will be wiping the majority of bans (at our own discretion). Appeal your ban and potentially be unbanned in time for the reset at https://www.purpleprison.co/appeal/. While most players will be unbanned, please note there is no guarantee that you will be unbanned.