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Winter 2022 on Purple Prison!
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Winter 2022 on Purple Prison!

- The winners of the winter tag competition are: SughasWashedLuck [Grinch], Sa1ntMaximin [CHILLY], RLBluefire [F2P], Senor_Shadow [Elf], and Enlgish [MINTY]! Thanks to everyone who submitted tag ideas! Winners, please open a ticket in ⁠our Discord support channel to claim your prizes!

- Check out our brand new Christmas event at /warp christmas. Find all 10 presents to win EXCLUSIVE prizes! Prizes: x1 [Elf] tag, x1 Collectible Item, x1 God Key, x2 Purple Keys

- A Christmas GRINCH will appear at spawn every 2 HOURS. Help players defeat the grinch to win OP prizes! (TIP: Players who deal more damage to the grinch get better prizes!)

- Our brand new winter crate is now available at https://buy.purpleprison.net/category/wintercrates

Redemption cards have been replaced with a UNIVERSAL TAG and a WINTER KIT!

- We have released TEN NEW tags on our store at https://buy.purpleprison.net/category/tags